Cadiz – Travelling Tips

/trip/ Marbella –> Cadiz (2 days)

1. If you go to Cadiz by car, be aware of variety of roads, because they can have a huge difference in a distance sometimes.
==> Choose a road closer to the sea. It will be a little longer, but you can stop at Tarifa and Gibraltar and enjoy their marvelous views.

2. If you by any chance come to visit Spanish town during Semana Santa, many shops there can be closed and restaurants can change their worktime. Parades will be beautiful, but you can be stucked in one place because of the crowds, which are moving around the whole town.

3. Be aware that these parades are quite noisy, so do not go there during that time, if you want to relax and enjoy an empty city.

4. Cheap hotel > Apartments (for many reasons)

5. Perfect time to spend there – 2 days.

6. Do not expect much from a Spanish service, especially restaurants. Be friendly and patient.

7. Parking can be very expensive, so reserve a place for car in your hotel in advance!

7. Food & drinks: seafood, paellas, white wine, icecream.

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