Benefits of Ewha language center

I’ve been studying in Ewha language center for 3 weeks (June-July). I was living in the dormitory of the university. And today I will present you all the pluses and minuses of that course. Within this course you can get 4 absences maximum.

+ Dormitory was well occupied. (fitness room, computer room, lounge, kitchens, laundry) Rooms clean.
+ My language group was very international.
+ During the course we’ve learned many constructions.
+ Ewha is located in the center of the city, close to the Hongdae and other interesting places.
+ The ability to practice Korean speaking with Korean students from that university individually.
+ Extra classes (korean cooking, dancing and etc.) I had 2 classes of dancing (kpop).

– I didn’t know the actual day of check out of the dormitory, so I stayed 1 night more and I had to pay extra 27000 won.
– No wifi, only cable internet.
– Language course was a bit boring because every day there was of the same structure of lessons.
– If you are not going to the trip with your group (class) on the weekend, you get 2 absences.


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3 thoughts on “Benefits of Ewha language center

    1. Yes, I had it for free in my room, but for the Mac you will need a special plug (because its quite old).
      And carefully read the instructions, how to connect to the Internet. It may be difficult. But still they have a separate computer room, if you need.


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