Hyuk Oh – 혁오- Review

Firstly, I’ve heard a song Gondry with Primary and Lim Kim when it appeared.
I was caught by the song and then I started searching for more music introduced by Primary. Then I found a mini-album of Primary and Hyuk Oh. From that moment I fall in love with this collaboration.

Everything in this album was complete. Exactly this word. Complete.

Music, rhythm, voice, lyrics – everything is combined and joined together harmonically. I was truly surprised, how everything in the song is accomplishing each other. I wanted to listen to it over and over again.

The album contains so many colours in each song. So, if you would hear this music, you probably will not be able to name the genre of it: indi, rock, jazz, blues, lounge… But you definately will find there something for yourself.

And finally, the first album of the group Hyuk Oh has been released. Unique, multicoloured, leading  it’s own line and keeping it’s own style from the beginning till the very end.

When I was asking my Korean friends about the band this spring, only a few heard about it. In a couple of months time the situation changed radically.
Of course, the support of Tablo played the important role in their PR development, Shazam, charts, Infinity Challenge program, participance in various summer festivals strengthen their position.

Today their schedule is packed and I am very happy about it. I didn’t want this group to become popular, because I was afraid they can loose their individuality, they will go for the “fast”projects. But now you can see them working hard and receiving a lot of love and support. I hope they will stay the same for a long time, creating such a good music and inspiring us.

Must listen:

* Panda bear
* Ohio
* 위잉위잉
* Primary & Ohhyuk (프라이머리 & 오혁) – Island
* Primary & Ohhyuk – Gondry (feat. Lim Kim)
* Primary & Ohhyuk (프라이머리 & 오혁) – eTunnel (Feat. 개코)


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