Seoul Night Life – Top Places

During my summer holidays in Seoul I have visited several places to hang out with friends, and today I will guide you through these places. I will share my experience about them and help you to make the most out of your journey.

1. Club Answer  ( (Gangnam)


It was my second time in this place, and it was aweful. It was so crowded, so there wasn’t any space to dance, nor to stand. Both floors of the club were full of people, who were still trying to dance. Music was not that good, as I expected from one of the best clubs in Seoul.


*Don’t go there for a good dance.

* Check, when there will be a thematic party or a simple party. Take your friends with you.

2. Club Ellui ( (Gangnam)


It was full, but there still was enough space to move around, to dance and have fun. Music was mixed, even though DJs were falling asleep. It looked like this place lost it’s popularity, when it could have been №1 in Seoul.

3. Club B-one ( (Itaewon)


It had an atmosphere of a chill-out place with more quiet lounge music. It was absolutely uncomfortable to dance in the first room because it’s shape looked more like a coridor, than a place for dancing. The second room was a bit bigger, with more interesting mixes. For sure you can feel a contingency of Itaewon here. However, there were not many foreigners. Interesting place to have a drink and to see people.


* Lounge music and atmosphere. Don’t expect to dance here.

* Wear more elegant clothes, than a club one.

4. Club Move (클럽 무브) (Itaewon)


Even though it is not a very big club, this place was amusing. With a huge spectrum of music. Totally  to get drank with your friends and have fun. There were more boys than girls, or it was just my feeling (xD).


*Wear comfortable shoes/heels. Be prepared to dance a lot.

* If you are a girl, be prepared for the attention of men.

5. Club The A ( (Gangnam)


We didn’t expect much from another “gangnam club”, but this place had broken all our expectations. At a first glance it looked alike with Ellui, but more stylish. At the first floor there was a main big room with a DJ’s stage in front and strip podium on a center, which was occupied by random people. DJ was playing electro music, which was powering and cool, but after a couple of hours we got bored of it, so we moved to another room. We fall in love with a second room, as soon as we entered. It was like an underground place. Rapers were making their performance. People were dancing and enjoying the atmosphere of a hip-hop.

6. Club Octagon ( (Gangnam)


Our previous experience in this club was amazing, so we decided to go there again. However, this time there was nothing special, similar to Answer, but the layout was organized better. Anyway, I believe that this club is still one of the best in Seoul.


*Better to go there on Friday night.

*Be ready to dance a lot, but looking super cool club style (because it’s Gangnam)


Don’t forget that there are thousands of 노래방 (noreban) in the streets of Seoul, which means karaoke. There you can spend a fun night in separate small rooms with food, drinks and korean & english karaoke songs, which will cost you around 20$.


*Go there, if you want to feel the Korean atmosphere.

*It doesn’t matter, how good you are at singing. Just DO IT!

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