Italy: see more, spend less

Some more tips for travelers:
  • Be prepared to walk a LOT. The best way to enjoy the city is on  your feet. Don’t spend your money on a car rental. The streets are tiny, lack of parking places, so you don’t need it here.
  • Keep your student card or EU passport with you, if you want to have a discount in all the museums.
  • Don’t be afraid of using Airbnb. If you need just a place to sleep – do not spend your money on hotels. However, if you don’t like socializing, it will be better to choose a hotel.
  • Public Transport. Use a Metro (an underground) to get to the place instead of taking a taxi. The price of a ticket is 1.50 euros. Don’t forget about the peak hours (morning and evening), when people are moving to their workplaces and back home – you will get stuck there forever.
  • Maps. You can use your mobile phones (God bless Samsung with maps working without wifi), or there are many apps for iphone as well. You can also take a map in any hotel. Just say that you are lost.
  • Look for upcoming events in the city. There are many special exhibitions and performances.
  • Act like locals do: light breakfast and full lunch. Don’t look for tea.
  • Go outside of a Rome.  The system of railways is very convenient. When you go to a railway station, it is better to buy a ticket from the help desk, since you can explain them what exactly you want.
  • Do not stick to your plan. Be flexible and don’t be afraid to be lost. The best adventure – is your adventure. Make your own routes, discover the city by yourself. For sure you will find something that no one noticed.
P.S. Buon viaggio! I wish you have a perfect weather!

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