Echae En Route – Review

Today I want to introduce you another amazing Korean duo, which impressed me a lot last year and keeping my attention up untill now.

Echae En Route / 이채언루트

강이채 – violinist/singer

권오경 – bassist/chorus

Madeline album:

  1. Get Into
  2. Madeline
  3. A song between us (must listen!)
  4. Run
  5. Uneasy Romance (must listen!)
  6. 달데이트 (feat.박주원) (must listen!)


+ Night Drive (2016) (favorite)

Thes group works in a mix genre, pairing folk, jass, indie and rock styles using mostly live instruments and sounds of nature, which makes the music “alive”. I loved their music because it inspires me to write and be creative. Being inspirational and emotional – these are the two keywords for them.

Echae’s voice is very different from all other ballad and indie singers, which creates a special feeling in their songs, like they were taken from famous movies (and I hope one day they will work on a movie soundtrack). The music and an incredible violin play make them standalone from all other music groups, which you expect to find in Korean music industry.

For me it is the best feeling, when you can listen the song with your eyes closed and just see a full picture of what is happening there. It is an incredible talent to be able to transmit your emotions into music so accurate.

I was also very lucky to meet Echae in Rome and listen to her small concert in the heart of the city. The imagination and creativity of this music impressed me so much, so I want to share my discovery with you. Here are some videos of her performance:

I hope you will enjoy their music and support them.



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