1million dance studio experience

As you all know, I love dancing. It is a part of my life and, of course, I love to watch 1million dance studio‘s videos. When I arrived to Seoul at some point        I have decided to try to go to the 1million dance studio.

It was in the middle of August, the peak season, when all the students usually come on holidays.

So… when you enter the studio, you will see only 1 dancing room, which can accommodate up to 60 people. Therefore, there is a system – “first come, first served”.  I had to come 1,5 hours before the class I wanted to join and to stand in the cue. It was fine for me because I had some free time.

I bought a package of 4 classes (25 000 won per each), which is quite expensive for dance classes, but still I was happy just to be there. The most difficult thing for me was to handle the heat in the classroom. It was +35 outside and all the air conditioners just couldn’t work it out.

Anyway, the studio is well occupied. You can meet there amazing people from all over the world, which will share your love for dancing. Moreover, you will dance there with the coolest teachers ever!

I had classes with Mina MyoungJunsun Yoo and with my favourite Hyojin Choi. I was incredibly happy and proud to see these people later on TV show      “Hit the stage”.

Usually, during the week each teacher has 2 classes and work on one long piece of choreography in order to perfect the movements and to have time to record it in the end of the class.

My advices to you: dress comfortably, take water with you, listen carefully to all the instructions, don’t be afraid to dance with professionals because it is your chance to learn. Use your time at home to practice the choreography, talk to people around you (don’t be afraid to talk first), have fun!!!


11 thoughts on “1million dance studio experience

  1. Hello. I’m so glad to finally find a review in English from someone who took classes at 1million. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
    I’m curious to know if one can just assist to the class without taking part to it? I have a friend who is not into dancing but is willing to come with me to just watch? Is it allowed?


  2. Hi! Thanks for writing about your experience with 1Million. Are the classes taught in Korean or English? And how much dance experience did you have prior to attending 1Million’s classes? (Also which classes did you take: beginner or regular?)


    1. I took regular classes. Before I was studying different dance classes in Russia (not professional). But it was quite intensive and fast here. Classes are in Korean language.


  3. Hey! I’m planing to go to some classes when I go to Seoul this year in July. But I was wondering, how does the lining up system work? You arrived 1.5 hours earlier, were there loads of people there already or? I’m worried I won’t get a space in a class of a choreographer I like.
    And I’m happy you had a great experience! I’m so excited!
    Also, were there many foreigners there? I know some korean so I’ll be fine in that aspect, but if a friend who knew completely no korean came with me, would she be fine?


    1. 1.5 hours was fine at that time to find a place in the class, I don’t know how is the situation right now. For foreigners they usually repeat everything In English, so it should be fine.


  4. Are the classes full every time? So if you don’t show up early you don’t get a spot? 60 people x 25,000 WON x 7 days a week. That’s a lot of revenue! >:O


  5. Hello, I’m gonna visit Seoul soon and I’d like to ask about how the class and routine work if you only take one class. Are you still able to experience the class fully well although you’re only taking one class? I mean I’m kinda afraid if I’m gonna be left behind because the teacher is already halfway through the choreography in the previous class (which I didn’t take). Or is it a one day – one set of choreo type of class? And you can always record your dance in the end, right?
    Thank you very much!


    1. It is ok, if you go just for one class. You will learn first half of a choreography or a second one. Many people come to Seoul for a week or less and they still want to dance there even once, so it is just an experience (like a master class).


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